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A cabinetmaker produces furniture and cabinetry for both residential and commercial use, respecting his customer's wishes and managing the costs. A cabinetmaker follows blueprints and designer specifications to construct products of different sorts, from furniture to cabinetry and from windows to doors. Materials such as sawn wood and various wooden boards are used, and sometimes only imagination sets the limits for selecting the materials. Cabinetmakers can put their creativity and visions into practice by designing and constructing products to order.

The work of a cabinetmaker requires a good knowledge about processing techniques, devices and machines and their usage and maintenance. You also have to have good craftsman's skills, creativity, accuracy and initiative to be a successful cabinetmaker. It is essential to know well how to use both manually and automatically operated woodworking machines and to follow safety regulations. Sustainable development and environmental aspects are also considered during the processing and in selecting materials. A cabinetmaker may work in production duties within the wood industry or be self-employed.

The competition task is to make a typical piece of furniture that may be a table, a chair, a chest of drawers, a cabinet or other similar item. Competitors must be able to use the basic machinery of cabinetmaking, follow safety regulations and select a working order that best suits the task. The finished piece of furniture has to have a high precision of measurement and meet the quality requirements. The item of furniture will be made of materials given at the competition venue, according to the drawings and working instructions.

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