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Category Description

Competitors in this category must be well familiar with the different phases of producing web sites. While charting and defining the work, the web designer has to be able to form an exact picture of the client, information and services on the site, the target group and the main business idea.  

In the planning stage, the competitors will have to produce a structural scheme and a layout plan for the user interface of a basic and/or front page, and define technologies used in creating the web site (programming languages, software, etc.). Also timetables and a cost estimate of the web site designing project will be made in this stage, and the cost estimate will have to be accepted by the client (a contract).

In the implementation stage, the competitors will compose their web sites by using different technologies and programmes. In testing, the sites will be tested with different browsers and a W3C validator, and also by the client and users. After that, the competitors will publish the web sites on a server appointed by the competition organizers (a document about properties required from the site space), and present their web sites with a video projector.

In the maintenance stage, the competitors give their clients the maintenance document that they created and propose updating the web site. In order to succeed well in the competition tasks, the competitors have to have good interpersonal skills needed in team work and bring forth entrepreneurial thinking and spirit in the tasks in their own individual manner.

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