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Category Description
The tasks in this category are based on the objectives of the basic degree in Business and Administration and on the evaluation criteria. The competition tasks measure skills and knowledge of level 3 in customer service (on a scale from 1 to 3). Different kinds of customer service situations form the core of the tasks in customer service and selling. A competition participant has to be able to find out his or her customers' wishes and sell goods and services that answer to their needs in a profitable manner. In the competition, he or she also has to manage placing products on display and make sure the goods are ready to be sold. In addition to this, the competitors must be competent to handle reclamations. The competitors have to be able to serve customers in the second official language (Finnish or Swedish) and in one foreign language (English). The competitors work in an economic, independent and well-organized manner, their work is of good quality and it is performed with correct equipment and devices, considering also safety at work and the aspect of sustainable development.

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