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TaitajaPLUS Catering

The competition task in the field of catering consists of the study module of cooking food by order and by theme. Students studying basic qualifications in Catering and in Hotel and Restaurant Services can take part in this competition.
Participants compete in pairs.
They plan, time, prepare and set out a meal that suits the theme, using the given ingredients. They set the table according to the theme and take care of the serving. The competitors will demonstrate a customer service situation involving 3 or 4 customers.
Cleaning the working area and self-assessment.

Essential contents
A work plan, cooking and setting, customer service, hygiene, self-supervision and sustainable development, self-assessment, co-operation.

Working order

  1. Task instructions and getting familiar with the working environment
  2. Planning and timing of the given task
  3. Preparation of the meal and setting the table
  4. Customer service and serving the meal
  5. Cleaning up
  6. Self-assessment

Only one pair per unit may sign up for this competition.

For more information, contact the shopmaster Mikko Pasonen or Kari Heinonen (tel. +358 40 3193 084), Luovi Vocational College.


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