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Preliminary Training is a demonstration category of the TaitajaPLUS competition in 2010.

The shopmaster is Mikko Pasonen and the vice shopmaster is Ensio Lampela, Luovi Vocational College. See contact information.

Students in the preliminary and rehabilitative training show their skills in assembling furniture, in gardening, creating art, making a setting for a special occasion and decorating the premises, in taking down the decorations and in documenting and presenting the activities. The T-shirts for the demonstration category have been printed by the students. The pedagogical task descriptions of the activities of the demonstration category have been produced as written and graphic documents.

In the preliminary and rehabilitative training, students aim at either vocational basic degree training or work and independent life after the preliminary training. During the training, students acquire skills in and knowledge of studying techniques, basic degree education, vocational working skills, working life, and independent daily life and how to manage it.

Participants come from several different groups of preliminary and rehabilitative training in Luovi Vocational College, from the units in Liminka, Muhos and Oulu.


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