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Category Description

The staff in transporting industry needs to be professional. An extensive knowledge of the field and self-development are valued in the professional requirements. These include entrepreneurial thinking, language skills necessary in this industry, getting familiar with international aspects of the business, and mastering the information technology in the logistic systems of a transporting chain.

The driver is familiar with the requirements of roadworthiness set for his vehicle and he or she is able to ensure that the vehicle and its auxiliary equipment function safely. The driver can perform basic service procedures, load the vehicle with a maximum load according to the regulations and circumstances, and drive the vehicle safely, economically and in a responsible manner. The driver is also familiar with transportation insurances and work safety regulations. In addition, the driver is expected to be a friendly and flexible customer servant. He or she also knows how to communicate with the communication tools in his/her vehicle and those in use in the transporting industry.

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