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Wednesday, 28 April 2010 18:05
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TAITAJA 2010 PRESS RELEASE                           28th Apr 2010

The Taitaja games are not held only for the joy of competing. Students strive to improve their skills for the future when they will be working fulltime. Partner companies of the Taitaja games may offer jobs to the most skilled competitors.

Get up and move! That’s what the team from Pohjois-Karjala vocational college participating in the entrepreneurship category suggests everyone should do. After the first competition day at the Taitaja games the team from Pohjois-Karjala are in the lead. As part of the competition they have brainstormed a sports centre named Get Up & Go!

During the second competition day the future entrepreneurs have formulated a business plan for their company. Entrepreneurship is officially a competition category for the first time this year. It has been a demonstration category during the past few years.

The entrepreneurship competition will culminate on the last competition day. The final event will take place at the NRJ Arena at 10:30 am. All entrepreneurship teams will present their companies to the audience.

The second competition day gathered over 24 000 visitors. During the first two days of the games the total number of spectators surpasses 40 000. The aim is to have 50 000 visitors during the three days of competition and this aim will surely be filled.

Attentive recruiters

The corporate world is keen to employ skilled vocational students. Corporate partners of the Taitaja games do their best to recruit the best competitors. In addition to possibly winning the Finnish Championship, competitors may have a chance of receiving a job at a company of their own industry.

“We want the best people working for us,” says Tuija Kämä, the Service Manager of ISS Oulu-Kainuu area.

ISS is one of the main corporate partners at the Taitaja games for the third year running. ISS has promised that the Finnish Champions in their co-operation categories will receive a summer job from ISS.

This is the first year that ISS is a corporate partner in the TaitajaPLUS competition. TaitajaPLUS is a vocational skills event organized for students with special needs.

“Co-operation with TaitajaPLUS comes naturally for us. We can offer various types of tasks for our employees and take into consideration their special needs,” says Kämä.

Sitting in class as an adult

The Taitaja event spread out to Oulu’s Rotuaari walking street on Wednesday. At the OpinTori event experts in adult education gave information and encouragement to adults who were thinking about returning to class.

Kai Latvalehto, the career counseling instructor from Oulu adult education centre, reminds that many people can’t cope with just one degree these days. Latvalehto sees self-directing as the trend these days in studying.

“Adults aren’t as quick to learn as young people, but adults are persistent and very motivated. These are important characteristics in learning. Adults also have life experience unlike youths. Through one’s strengths everyone can find their own profession,” Latvalehto says.

The results of the first competition day can be found at www.taitaja2010.fi/en/categories/collated-results.

Articles and photos from the Taitaja games are available for use at www.taitaja2010.fi/en/for-media.

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