The bustle of the Taitaja games has left Ouluhalli Print E-mail
Friday, 30 April 2010 13:00
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Taitaja 2010 Press release                    30.4.2010

The bustle of the Taitaja games has left Ouluhalli

The Taitaja 2010 games ended yesterday. Organizers stated that the games were a success.

The Taitaja games ended at noon yesterday. The demolition began immediately in Ouluhalli, because the arena has to handed over today at 6 pm.

On Thursday it only took a few hours for tens of demolition workers to take down the competition kitchens, beauty salons and computer networks that had been built only a week earlier. On Friday at noon the empty arena was being cleaned.

“Demolition is going really well. We haven’t had any problems,” stated Marsa Jurvakainen, the Communications Manager of Taitaja 2010.

During the competition, Project Manager Sauli Jaara was convinced that the demolition will be a Finnish record of its own. There are 20 kilometres of electric cables, over two kilometres of water and sewage pipes, about three kilometres of IT cable and over a kilometre of fences to take down.

“Taking down the competition arenas in 24 hours is a challenge, but we’re right on schedule,” Jaara comments.

A great project

According to the competition organizers the Taitaja 2010 games were a successful event.

“Our main priority was that the categories and competition go well. We succeeded in this as well as keeping to our schedule,” says Jurvakainen.

At Thursday’s Press Conference Project Manager Jaara said some problems had come up during the competition but they were all solved quickly.

“I’ve always said that when a bird first takes off on its wings, it will fall down before it learns to fly. But the bird survives the falls,” Jaara commented poetically.

First time competitor is chosen as the Best of the Nation

“Jag vann en bil!” (I won a car!) Shouted Mette Pökelmann, who was chosen as the Best of the Nation 2010, when she saw her coach after receiving her award.

Pökelmann represented Axxell College in the horse grooming category. This was her first time competing in the Taitaja games.

“This was an excellent experience, although I was slightly nervous. I learned a lot during the competition. We had great team spirit among the competitors in the horse grooming category. All in all I think the games in Oulu went really well, the bilingualism of the games worked as well,” assessed Pökelmann, whose native tongue is Swedish.

Pökelmann is originally from Raasepori but attends Axxell in Kemiö. She said she didn’t have a lot of spare time to train for the competition.

“Mette is really good at horse grooming so there was no need to practice especially for the competition. This victory feels really great and I’m so proud of my girl,” beamed Jennie Westerlund, Pökelmann’s coach.

Pökelmann has spent time with horses since she was nine years old. Choosing horse grooming as a vocational path came naturally and now she was rewarded for following her emotions.

“The competition was extremely tight and it was unbelievable to win the gold medal. To win the Best of the Nation on top of that just feels amazing,” Pökelmann said excitedly.
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