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Taitaja gathers up the most skillful Finns
Taitaja will be one of the biggest events taking place in the Oulu area in the year 2010. An estimated amount of 50 000 visitors is expected. The competitions will be held in the Oulu Hall and its surroundings. The Taitaja competition is organised somewhere in Finland every year, and in 2010 it will come to the North of the country for the first time ever. The entrance is free of charge to the audience.

Choose Your way of cooperation
As a partner, You have multiple opportunities to gain a maximum benefit from the Taitaja competition in relation to Your company or community:

  • Make a difference to the future
    What kind of jobs will be done in the future and how? Have Your say on the attitudes of the young and their career plans, the objectives and content of their education, and the quality requirements of work. 

  • Catch 50 000 pairs of eyes
    Meet the future workers and consumers and build a positive image for Your company in this big-scale event. Recruit, advertise and offer Your products and services.

  • Build networks with those in charge
    Get in touch with the teachers and principals of vocational institutes. Make contracts for product, service and equipment cooperations. Have an influence on practical training and the supply and recruitment of labour.

  • Improve Your visibility
    Whose tools are the most skillful workers using? Which equipment are the best workers of the future trained with in Finland? Become well-known among the professionals of today and tomorrow.

Who will You reach in the Taitaja event
In addition to those 320 young people taking part in the competitions, You will catch some 50 000 pairs of eyes  from the following target groups:

  • Teachers
    Teachers and decision-makers of vocational education across Finland. Teachers have a central role in deciding on equipment and material purchases for schools.
  • Companies and communities
    Those companies and communities participating the event that are interested in vocational education and young people.
  • Consumers
    Audiences from Oulu and the surrounding areas.
  • Students within vocational education
    Students from vocational institutes around the country will be visiting the event.
  • Young people
    Pupils from upper comprehensive schools will also be visiting the event. You will be able to reach them at the point of their lives when they are making choices for their future studies and careers.

Steps to a successful FinnSkills cooperation

  1. Decide what Your objective is regarding the Taitaja competition.
  2. Choose a cooperation package that best supports Your objectives.
  3. Negotiate the details for Your participation with Your Taitaja contact person.
  4. Emphasise Your presence in the event with some extra visibility.



Contact manager Mauri Koivunen
tel. +358 10 27 23557
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Oulun seudun koulutuskuntayhtymä
Taitaja 2010 Oulu
Torikatu 21, 3rd floor, FI-90100 Oulu
fax +358 10 27 21150
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