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Taitaja 2010 Press release                   29.4.2010

Mette Pökelmann is the Best of the Nation 2010

This year’s Best of the Nation competitor respects vocational schooling and understands the importance of education. The Taitaja 2010 Championships in Oulu gathered a total amount of 51 000 visitors.

The Taitaja 2010 games ended after three days of competition on Thursday at the Closing Ceremony. The high point of the Ceremonies was the announcement of this year’s Best of the Nation. Mette Pökelmann from Axxell College in Raasepori was chosen by the jury as this year’s undeniably best competitor of her category. Pökelmann competed in horse grooming.

The jury stated the following reasons for their choice: “The competitor has displayed excellent skills in the category during the three competition days. She is positive and happy and has excellent social skills. During the competition she has been very friendly and considerate towards other competitors and staff. She is clearly proud and respectful of her own vocational field. She is energetic, outgoing and possesses strong language skills. The Best of the Nation is an excellent representative of vocational education and a great roled model to other young people. She understands the significance of education for all ages.”

Mette Pökelmann will act as a representative for vocational education for the next year. The Best of the Nation will receive a brand new Volkswagen Golf to use for a year. At the Closing Ceremony Timo Lankinen, the Chairman of the Skills Finland Board and Director General of The Finnish National Board of Education, together with Matti Pörhö, CEO of Pörhön autoliike, awarded the car keys to the winner.

“When I arrived in Oulu on Monday by plane, I didn’t think for one moment that on Thursday the competition would end like this. It’s been really great competing here,” said Mette Pökelmann after she was presented with the car keys.

Onward to the EuroSkills

Finland’s EuroSkills 2010 team was revealed at the Closing Ceremony of the Oulu Taitaja games. The EuroSkills competition takes place in December in Lisbon, Portugal. The full list of the members of the team can be found at

The members of the team have been selected to represent Finland through training and qualifying competitions. In the future months the competitors will participate in team training camps to enhance team spirit and practice their own categories with their experts.

The Taitaja Cup moves to Kuopio

The Oulu Taitaja games were a huge success. During the three competition days 51 000 people visited Ouluhalli to admire the skills of young vocational competitors. At the Closing Ceremony the hosting of the games was presented to the next city.

Oulu’s Taitaja year ended traditionally as the Taitaja Cup was handed over to the next competition city, Kuopio. Kuopio will host the Taitaja games on 3-5 May 2011. The games are expecting 40 000 spectators.

At the Closing Ceremony Project Manager Sauli Jaara thanked everyone involved in organizing the Oulu Taitaja games and he especially thanked all the competitors. Jaara handed over the Taitaja Cup to Kuopio Taitaja games’ Project Manager Ilkka T. Kemppainen.

“A year ago when I was in Ilkka’s shoes, I thought, no problem, we’ve got a year to put together these games. But the year went by fast. This Taitaja Cup obligates you to succeed in organizing the games and I am confident that Kuopio will do exactly that,” Jaara said as he handed over the Cup.

Kemppainen thanked the Oulu Taitaja games and said that he’s feeling pretty good although the weight is starting to gather on his shoulders.

“I think now is the perfect time to stop saying what we in the Kuopio Taitaja team have been saying “Let’s get back to that after Oulu” because now is the time to turn all eyes towards Kuopio. See you there!”

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